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Tribune’s Rick Kogan Highlights NLU Author’s Poignant Book Fern Schumer Chapman wrote about her mother's historic separation and reunion

Chicago Tribune columnist Rick Kogan has written about National Louis University instructor Fern Schumer Chapman and her fourth book, “Stumbling on History: An Art Project Compels a Small German Town to Face Its Past.”

Chapman teaches in NLU’s M.S. in Written Communication program. 

The book talks about the four-inch-square bronze tiles laid into the pavement of the street where Chapman’s mother, sister, brother, sister-in-law and grandmother lived before they were killed or displaced in the Holocaust, Kogan wrote.  The tiles are the work of a German artist who wants to honor victims by remembering them, and is scaling the project across Europe.

“For those killed or displaced or lost, there were no funerals, no places of remembrance,” Chapman wrote,” explaining that the bronze tiles, or stumbling stones, fulfill that purpose.

Chapman has also written three other books, one fiction and two non-fiction, arising from the fact her mother was sent from Germany to the United States at age 12 during the World War 2 era, sparing her the fate of concentration camps and death that came to many of her relatives and friends.

Find out why the artist created the tiles in Rick Kogan’s Chicago Tribune column here.