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Alum adds ‘doctor,’ ‘school board member’ to his resume Alum receives Ed.D., is elected to school board in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, a Milwaukee suburb

Todd Beadle ’11 received a double jump in his professional life thanks to encouragement from the NLU community. First it was his doctoral degree. Most recently it was his run for school board.

Beadle, who received an M.Ed. in Administration and Supervision and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in 2016, was recently elected to the school board of the Brown Deer School District, a public school district serving four-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade students in Brown Deer, Wis.

Beadle is also the President/CEO of Saint Joseph Academy, a private Catholic elementary school and early childhood education center on the southside of Milwaukee, and a senior ministry advisor for Felician Services in Chicago, providing support to lay leaders working in Felician Sisters’ sponsored ministries across North America.

Because of his position at Saint Joseph Academy and the commitment and passion he demonstrated, three of Beadle’s NLU professors in the M.Ed. program encouraged him to pursue a doctoral degree. And he’s glad they did.

“NLU has provided me the educational background and credentials to follow my dreams and passion of being a highly effective educational administrator. The problem solving skills and resources that were provided during my programs have helped me become more knowledgeable and open to other ideals in education,” said Beadle.

Not only did NLU open Beadle up to new ideals, but the larger NLU community played a part in his run for school board. Deb Kerr ’02, Brown Deer School District superintendent and Ed.D in School Leadership alum, was the one who encouraged Beadle to run for school board.

NLU helped to bring new opportunities to light for Beadle, and now he’s ready to use his talents and passion as a force for good. When asked about his personal motivated for running for school board, he simply replied, “That was an easy decision. I was asked to help the children of Brown Deer.”