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NLU’s Cooper Discusses Test Anxiety in TEACH Magazine

Anxiety among students isn’t always a bad thing, write Meagan Gillmore in TEACH magazine, quoting National Louis University’s Jennifer M. Cooper, Ph.D.

Gilmore wrote: “‘Anxiety, in proper amounts, helps increase concentration, memorization and motivation,’ says Jennifer M. Cooper, an assistant professor in school psychology at National Louis University in Illinois. “’Anxiety is really designed to prevent harm,’” she says. ‘Trouble arises when anxiety interferes with a person’s ability to function. Students may not be able to avoid stress, but they need to learn how to manage it.'”

The article, “Help Students Manage Test Anxiety,” gives several concrete tips for teachers to help them lessen anxiety for their students. They range from designing tests clearly to teaching students effective study methods to introducing positive self-scripts.

Read the article here.