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Chicago Tribune: NLU’s Lifelong Learning Institute Promotes Peer Learning


Topics in the news, Broadway musicals, presidents, great films and literature  are all subjects which members of National Louis University’s Lifelong Learning Institute discuss and learn about, wrote Mike Isaacs in the Chicago Tribune’s Skokie Review newspaper.

The article, “Seniors, retirees expand learning opportunities through unique peer learning program in Skokie,” describes how one or two students coordinate and lead each class. In this “peer learning” or “shared inquiry” model,  the student leaders may read from newspapers or a text, and then spark a discussion on the topic.

The program hired professional instructors for the first time this year, but the shared learning model remains at its core, program director Beth Epstein-Rosenthal told the newspaper.

Isaacs quoted seniors, many retired from accomplished careers, who say the program gives them intellectual stimulation that they enjoy much more than watching game shows on television. They also get a chance to socialize.

See the Chicago Tribune’s Skokie Review article here.