Chicago Sun-Times Publishes NLU VP’s Letter on GOP Tax Plan Marty Mickey, VP of Finance, explained how the tax plan would hurt students

The tax plan proposed by Republicans in Congress would hurt graduate students, as well as older and non-traditional students, wrote Marty Mickey, National Louis University’s Vice President of finance, in a Letter to the Editor published Nov. 8 by the Chicago Sun-Times.

That’s because the plan would allow students to take a full tax deduction for higher education for only four years, and a partial deduction the fifth year, he wrote. Since graduate students have presumably already completed four years of college, they would be out of luck.

Find out the other way in which students would be hurt

Typically, older and non-traditional students have compiled various credits over the years, but need more classes in order to earn a degree. They, too, may have already completed four years.

See the Letter to the Editor in the Chicago Sun-Times here.