Daily Herald, WCIU-TV Feature Prof Dipinto’s ‘Frozen Fun’ Winter Science He offered frozen bubbles, forensic mystery, snowflake fossils for kids on Winter Break


Who says winter is no fun? National Louis University’s Vito Dipinto, Ed.D., has been featured on WCIU-TV Channel 26.1’s “The Jam” television show on Jan. 3, and in the Daily Herald Newspaper on Dec. 22, for his Frozen Fun Winter Science Activities.

Dipinto, an associate professor in National Louis University’s National College of Education who prepares graduate students in education to become science teachers, offered the tips to families with children who are home from school on Winter Break.

He hopes they’ll learn some science as they enjoy freezing bubbles, preserving snowflake fossils, making snow, cooking up frozen candy, erupting a volcano in the snow and more.

See Dr. Dipinto solve a forensic mystery on WCIU-TV’s “The Jam” show

Learn about Dr. Dipinto’s snowflake fossils, frozen candy and more in the Daily Herald

See Dr. Dipinto show the best way to make frozen bubbles on WCIU-TV’s “The Jam” show

NLU’s Vito Dipinto, Ed.D., presents a forensic experiment to WCIU-TV 26.1 The Jam’s Danielle Robay, from left, Felicia Lawrence and Jordan Cornette.

“In science, you have to be able to imagine the possible in order to discover the actual.¬†And it all begins with an ‘I wonder’ statement,” Dipinto told The Jam’s Felicia Lawrence in WCIU’s studios.

“About 40 years ago I said I wonder if I could make a bubble that would freeze instantly and if I was very, very quiet, when it would hit my nose and break it would go ‘ping.'”

He showed her all the steps to make the bubbles, and meteorologist Jon Hansen then tried his hand at making frozen bubbles outdoors while delivering the weather report.

The Daily Herald story included several of Dipinto’s tips, including how to make snowflake fossils. The method uses certain types of adhesive or glue to preserve snowflakes while they cure in the cold, leaving a permanent impression of their frosty, six-pointed beauty.

See all of the “Frozen Fun Winter Science” activities at www.nl.edu/frozenfun

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