Metra Employee Trains His Sights on Writing Student Spotlight: Jarrett Sardin

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Write On! proudly focuses on some of the talents, skills and accomplishments of our very own students. This Student Spotlight is on Jarrett Sardin. He talks about how the M.S. in Written Communication program has helped him in his job with Metra.

NLU student Jarrett SardinWO! When did you begin the M.S. in Written Communication program?

Jarrett: I began the program in the winter of Jan 2016.

WO! What have been some of your favorite classes in the program and why?

Jarrett: All of the classes have been my favorite because of the opportunity to try different styles of writing. I have written as a journalist, marketer, advertiser and even as a teacher.

WO! What is your professional background?

Jarrett: My professional background is in training and instruction.

WO! Talk about how your M.S. in Written Communication program courses have helped you design and write training programs in your job with the Metra.

Jarrett: The courses I have taken in this program have been invaluable in preparing me for writing training materials at Metra. LAE 520 Teaching Freshman Composition with Julia Borcherts was a class that helped me create objectives that were relevant and measurable. That instruction was transferable to how I create training at Metra.

WO! What do you plan to do with your Master’s in Written Communication degree upon graduation?

Jarrett: I plan to continue writing after graduation: short stories, comics, training, grants; the sky is the limit.

WO! What advice you have for current or prospective M.S. in Written Communication students?

Jarrett: My advice to prospective students is: be open minded. There will be times when you think this class has nothing to do with my career path, but just be open-minded.