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Bouchey Tells Wallethub How Not to Fund a New Business The popular money blog interviewed NLU's Bettyjo Bouchey

If you’re starting a new business, it’s worth it to seek specific kinds of loans but may also be helpful to obtain the best credit cards for your needs, NLU’s Bettyjo Bouchey,  Ed.D., told The website provides credit and business information to help consumers and small business owners.

Bouchey is associate dean of college operations and faculty development and an associate professor of business and management.

Wallethub featured Bouchey in its “Ask the Experts” section, in a question and answer format about how to fund a new business. Bouchey advised that new business owners should look to personal or angel investing, Small Business Administration loans and microloans before they take their credit cards out of their wallets.

However, she allowed that credit cards can be useful for certain purposes, and advised business owners on what to look for.

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