Sun-Times, Kenosha News Publish Price’s Letter: Preventing Gun Violence Counselors, Police, Job Agencies Can Help Support Troubled Students, Per Todd Price

Students were walking out of their high schools to call for safety on March 14, and National Louis University’s Todd Alan Price, Ph.D., went to a school near his home to check out what was happening.

Price, professor in NLU’s National College of Education, wrote up his thoughts about the event, which was a reaction to the school shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Both the Chicago Sun-Times and Kenosha News published his letter.

Price called for community agencies, such as school counselors, mental health professionals, police and career services agencies to provide support to students who are troubled. If these students receive support services and treatment while in school, it could prevent them from reaching the point of committing violence. These individuals may also need community services after they graduate, in order to stay on track, get and keep jobs and contribute as citizens.

Price is director of policy studies for NCE, and chair of the Educational Foundations and Inquiry program. He is a professor in the teaching and learning doctoral program.

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