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NLU’s Dr. Megahed in Sun-Times: Lower Tuition Avoids Student Loan Debt Students can avoid huge loans with Pathways tuition at the $10,000 per year mark

National Louis University president Nivine Megahed, Ph.D., became concerned after reading a Chicago Sun-Times special report about recent college graduates weighed down by as much as $140,000 in student loan debt. She offered her responseĀ in an op-ed essay to the newspaper.

Megahed talked about how the university put some bright minds, including instructional designers, software developers and others, on the task of designing a college degree program that could be offered at an affordable $10,000 per year. That program, Pathways at NLU, will be starting its fourth year in the fall. Drawn by the quality offering at a reasonable price point, students are applying in ever-increasing numbers. For students in certain income brackets, MAP and PELL grants completely cover the cost of tuition.

For all students, though, the affordable cost means they will not graduate with student loan debt that will weigh them down for a decade, or two, or more.

See Dr. Megahed’s essay in the Chicago Sun-Times

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