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WBEZ Radio Features NLU’s Mingo on ‘What My Students Taught Me’ Emotional story highlights need for teachers to respond quickly to students

In a moving, in-depth interview, WBEZ Radio has featured National Louis University’s Ericka Mingo, Ph.D., telling the lesson she learned from a remarkable NLU student.

WBEZ, which is the National Public Radio station in Chicago, included Mingo in its “What My Students Taught Me” series. It features teachers from kindergarten to college talking about that one student they can’t forget.

For Mingo, who teaches in NLU’s Community Psychology Ph.D. program, that student was Ndueso Udoiwod, who was originally from Nigeria. Mingo and Ndueso started their friendship as students in the program together, but  he took a break from studies and she graduated and began teaching in the program. When Ndueso returned to NLU, Mingo landed in the unique position of teaching a friend and former fellow student.

Ndueso passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack, but not before he had exhorted Mingo to keep in touch and not to forget him.

Ericka Mingo, Ph.D.

Ericka Mingo, Ph.D., of National Louis University holds a photo of Ndueso Udoiwod. Photo courtesy of

Find out about the unsent text, the sadness it caused, what Mingo learned from it and why she has become adamant about keeping in communication with students, especially those who reach out.

Listen here.

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