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Tribune: Criminal Justice Prof Says Shooting Victims’ Moms Help Seek Clues Richard Schak, chair of NLU's program, formerly worked as homicide detective

A recent Chicago Tribune article shed light on the experience of Chicago mothers who have lost children to the city’s senseless shootings. The article, “75 Shot: Mothers of the slain keep waiting for the call even when cases grow cold,” profiled mothers who regularly telephone the detectives working on their slain children’s cases, and detailed the fact that mothers often beat the bushes to help find clues. They search Facebook, post flyers and ask neighborhood people for information.

The reporters interviewed Richard Schak, chair of National Louis University’s B.A. in Criminal Justice program and a retired Chicago Police Department sergeant who worked as a homicide detective. They quoted him saying that persistence from mothers can make investigators look harder at what they’ve done. He also described what it’s like for investigators to face family members when they have no new leads, and he described one case in detail.

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