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Tribune’s ‘Best of 2018’ Features Kendall Instructor Jim DeWan DeWan writes a 'bitingly' funny column highlighting food and recipes

Crispy, cheesy, crunchy, salty–who could resist this kind of deliciousness?

Certainly not James DeWan, assistant professor at Kendall College of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at National Louis University.

DeWan has been penning a witty and informative column called “Prep School” for the Chicago Tribune since 2005. His “Cheese Toast” column, originally printed Dec. 20, featured the recipe for the parmesan- and cheddar-sprinkled gems and proved so irresistible to Tribune food writer Joe Gray that he selected them for his article,  “10 Best Recipes of 2018.”

In the cheese toast column, DeWan acknowledges his colleague Belinda Brooks, assistant professor of baking and pastry at Kendall, who creates the quickly-disappearing bites for the bread basket at The Dining Room at Kendall College.

You can find DeWan’s past and recent “Prep School” columns for the Tribune online here. They discuss a staggering range of food-related topics, like the difference between taste and flavor, how to avoid baking mistakes, why it’s important to choose certain potatoes for French fries and fry them twice, how to impress people and save time by chopping with two knives at once, and dozens, maybe hundreds, more.

DeWan also has made videos for the Tribune, including this one showing movie critic Michael Phillips how to spatchcock a chicken for roasting and this one showing columnist John Kass the technique for making an omelette.

DeWan also noted the Tribune’s food critic, Phil Vettel, praised Kendall alum Rebecca Pendola for her dessert creations at Virtue restaurant in Hyde Park in his recent review. As an instructor, that’s something DeWan can savor.