Celebrate Gender Empowerment Month at NLU

Throughout the month of April, National Louis University students, faculty and staff are welcome to join in community-wide events with exciting activities to grow your allyship, understand each other and be empowered by the experiences of others.

Gender Empowerment Month will bring speakers, workshops, and documentaries to campus. Throughout the month, the NLU community will be challenged to grow, engage in enriching discussions and help us celebrate our opportunity to be empowered. Events will take place in Chicago, Wheeling, Goose Island and Lisle. We will also be streaming several events online to allow everyone in our community to participate.

We have organized several exclusive faculty and staff events across the month to provide the safe space to have these conversations and increase our allyship towards one another, as well as our students. Please join us.

For students, we have planned a wide portfolio of activity as well. We will be ending the month with our first-ever Pride Prom and Drag Show. Faculty and staff are welcome to volunteer for this event!

Please check your email and on-campus flyers for event dates and times.

It doesn’t end at events!

  •        Stop by on campus today to retrieve an ally ribbon to demonstrate your support.
  •        Stop for a minute and read the empowering notes on the restroom mirrors.
  •        Look for topic posters and opportunities to express yourself throughout the month.

Gender Empowerment Month is organized by The Office of Student Experience in collaboration with Human Resources, Undergraduate College, Student Veteran Support Services, Civic Engagement Center, and Residence/Student Life.