NLU Community Spotlight: Communications Quarterly

Students in NLU’s B.A. in Communication program collaborate to create a unique platform for expressing the rich diversity of voices in the NLU community

The Summer 2020 Issue of Communication Quarterly

All faculty, staff, and students at NLU are invited to peruse the brand new issue of Communications Quarterly, NLU’s undergraduate magazine driven by students in our Communications B.A. program, which is available on the publication’s webpage here.

In this timely issue of CQ, students reflect upon social justice and racial equality. Some highlights include: thought-provoking interviews with public figures in Chicago media, criminal justice, and community affairs; reflections on Black Lives Matter, gentrification, and racial stereotypes; and commentary on implicit bias, human trafficking, and hate speech in social media.

Communications Quarterly’s (CQ) inaugural issue launched Winter 2020, introducing readers to student voices across NLU’s Undergraduate College and beyond. Two words capture the essence of this publication: authentic and inclusive. CQ embraces all NLU students’ forms of expression, from informational pieces about university news, to coverage of community issues, to original artistic and literary work reflecting on the contemporary moment.

Please take a few minutes this afternoon or this weekend to see the amazing work that our talented students are doing!

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