Career Planning

Early College at NLU: Accelerating Students Toward Future Success

It is no great secret that today’s high school and college graduates are preparing to enter a historically challenging job market. In an economy in which the competition for quality jobs has steadily been growing more intense, the arrival of the covid-19 virus in March of 2020 has only exacerbated the difficulties today’s students are likely to face. With covid-19 rewriting so many of the received rules about the organization and demand for work, students will inevitably look for a leg up wherever they can find it.

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Job-Seekers, Enhance your Job Search By Using Gratitude Gratitude as a mindset can cultivate ongoing success


By Casey Platt, Career Services Advisor, National Louis University

Being appreciative is a pleasant characteristic that can help any professional in any setting to stand out in a positive way. Especially for job seekers, expressing gratitude is an important way to impress an employer as someone who has an optimistic attitude and can contribute to a positive office or school culture. This can play a major role in developing your professional brand. There are numerous ways for job seekers to express gratitude during the job search process. Continue reading »

New Series Offers Beginning Teachers a Support System From Profs You can offer input to 'Advanced Practices for Early Career Teachers' in June 13 livestream Q&A


Dominic Belmonte.

Dominic Belmonte.

Standing in front of your own classroom for the first time has been compared to a high-wire act. National Louis University’s National College of Education wants to offer early career teachers support as you move forward in this journey.

NLU is launching the Advanced Practices for Early Career Teachers series to provide ongoing, structured mentoring and professional learning that’s specifically designed to meet your needs as a beginning educator. Continue reading »

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out to Employers Job-seekers, follow these updated tips to attract an employer's attention

By Consiglia Intile, Assistant Director of Career Services, National Louis University

Your resume is one of the most important documents you will send off to a potential employer. Whether you are creating a resume for the first time or simply updating it with your most recent experiences, every job seeker should spend some time ensuring that you are following these important resume rules.  Continue reading »

Braven At NLU Prepares Students To Get Degree-Worthy Jobs Program Gets Sophomores Thinking Seriously About Careers

On a recent Wednesday evening, seven students in a National Louis University classroom were scanning resumes of job candidates posted on the whiteboard. The students, all from the Pathways at NLU program, scribbled the positives and negatives of each candidate on sticky notes. Two adult volunteers, both working professionals, guided them through an exercise in which the students had to act as hiring managers, deciding which of the fictitious job candidates to contact for an interview. Continue reading »

How Do I Fit a Job Search Into My Busy Schedule? Time Management Tips for a Successful Job Search


By Casey Platt, Career Advisor at National Louis University

Applying for jobs may sound like a simple task, but in reality, it can be a time-consuming process. Especially if you have obligations such as family, work, school, and other life responsibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to find time for sleep, let alone searching and applying for jobs. Devoting more time to the job search process usually means higher quality applications, which will help you to stand out in a sea of applicants. This means a higher likelihood of getting the job you want! How can you fit the numerous job hunt steps into your busy schedule? You may want to consider the following tips: Continue reading »

10 Steps To Give Employers A Positive First Impression Stand out in your job search, and advance your career

By Consiglia Intile, Assistant Director of Career Services

First impressions are critical in a job search. They can either jumpstart your search or bring it to a halt.

You make your first impression on the employer with the documents you send, especially the resume. Your resume’s format, presentation, content and grammar will give the employer a strong sense of the soft skills you have and ones you need to further develop. Continue reading »

Joy to the Networking World: Meet Career Contacts at Holiday Parties By Mariana Ortiz, Career Advisor at National Louis University

Does the holiday season have you feeling pensive about your current work situation? Are you tired of applying for jobs and getting few results? Perhaps you should try a different job search strategy. Eighty-five percent of career positions are attained through networking – so grant yourself the gift of gab and exercise it during the holiday season. Continue reading »

NLU Writers Gather to Hear Celebrities, See Names In Print M.S. in Written Communication Program Hosts MOSAIC party


From left, Nate Herman, Dawn Turner, Laurie Lawlor and Rick Kogan sit on a panel discussing the writing life.

As students and alumni of NLU’s M.S. in Written Communication program listened to a panel of celebrity writers at the program’s annual MOSAIC party Oct. 23, emcee Marjie Killeen asked the panel a question that almost had them at a loss for words.

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Practice, Practice, Practice To Turn Job Interview Into A Win By Mariana Ortiz, Career Advisor at National Louis University

Does the thought of job interviews make you feel anxious? Guess what? This feeling is completely normal! However, make sure that your interview nerves are not so strong that they cause you to appear visibly unprepared. But how can I avoid messing up during an interview, you may ask? The goal is to make the interview conversation feel natural between you and the interviewers through practice. Here’s how. Continue reading »