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Dr. Lems, Twice a Fulbright Scholar, Gives Global Lesson She sang, performed on webinar seen by 1,986 English teachers around world

160719-kristin-lems-014Kristin Lems, Ed.D., who performs and records songs in addition to teaching at National Louis University, recently “starred” in two live webinars for the U.S. State Department’s “American English” project.

Nearly 2,000 teachers of English as a Second Language around the world watched live as Lems, an NLU professor of ESL and Bilingual Education,  presented “Using Songs and Music to Teach English.” Continue reading »

NLU’s Ramos Awarded Fulbright to Germany Program taught Germany's approaches to education, encouraged sharing of ideas


Monica Ramos received a Fulbright Scholarship to Germany.

Monica Ramos, NLU’s Director of Family and Community Engagement,  spent June and part of July in Germany on a Fulbright scholarship.

The program gave Ramos and other American participants an intensive look at the German educational system, in order to enrich their own teaching in the U.S. and strengthen ongoing communications between educators in the two countries. Continue reading »

Dr. Azcoitia Invited To Spain to Share Leadership Expertise He taught an educational leadership seminar to graduate students




Carlos Azcoitia, standing, poses with the students to whom he taught a two-day Educational Leadership seminar. It took place at the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain.

Carlos Azcoitia, Ed.D. recently traded his NLU classroom for one at the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain.

Officials there invited him to teach a two-day seminar on educational leadership to students who aspire to be teacher leaders or principals. They are pursuing their master’s degrees in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on social and emotional intelligence, in partnership with the Botin Foundation. Continue reading »

Dr. O’Meara Speaks at London’s House of Lords on Growing the Teacher Workforce International summit considers how to address the worldwide teacher shortage

omearahouseoflordsNLU’s Professor James O’Meara, Ed.D., recently spoke on education in London at the House of Lords, which forms part of the United Kingdom’s Parliament. O’Meara, who is president of the International Council on Education for Teaching, stressed the need to increase the numbers of quality teachers to end the current worldwide shortage.

He was taking part in a high-level international education summit aimed at  improving the lives of young people globally through education.

Teachers, researchers, academics and policy makers from around the world attended the conference, titled the Teacher Education Knowledge Mobilisation Summit. Continue reading »

Violence Drives Children to Migrate to U.S., Dr. Heidbrink Tells Audience She was invited to deliver the annual John M. Wozniak lecture

Lauren Heidbrink, Ph.D.

NLU’s Lauren Heidbrink, Ph.D., explains the conditions facing young people in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Violence, gangs, poverty and a history of civil war impel  children under age 18 to flee Central American nations and take their chances migrating to the U.S., NLU Assistant Professor Lauren Heidbrink, Ph.D., told a large audience on Wednesday.

Heidbrink, chair of NLU’s M.A. in Public Policy and Administration program, delivered her remarks at Loyola University of Chicago, where she had been invited to give the annual John M. Wozniak lecture.

Heidbrink has spent years researching unaccompanied child migration. She has interviewed child migrants and their families, conducted original research in migrants’  towns of origin in Guatemala and El Salvador, and briefed the U.S. Department of State to inform them of the causes and consequences of child migration. She touched on several key points in her talk. Continue reading »

NLU Hosts Pakistan Education Minister Khalid Khan tells of progress in Malala Yousafzai's province

KhalidKhanNational Louis University is welcoming an education minister from Malala Yousafzai’s province in Pakistan, Dr. Khalid Khan, to its International Women’s Day event March 8. He will participate by Zoom teleconferencing technology.

Khan is an assistant education minister in Kashmir Patunkhwa province, where a young Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban in her rural village for standing firm on her belief that girls have a right to an education. Malala survived, was awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize and has become an advocate for girls’ rights and education throughout the world. Continue reading »

International Women’s Day Event To Feature Experts From Around Globe NLU celebrates In conjunction with United Nations Women’s ‘Planet 50-50 by 2030, Step It Up for Gender Equality’ campaign


UNWB20logoen gifWomen’s advocates from Australia, Africa, Pakistan and various U.S. locations will participate in an event heralding International Women’s Day, and encouraging women’s further progress on gender equality, on March 8 at National Louis University.

The event, which organizers are excited to initiate in Chicago and hope to make an annual observance, aligns with the United Nations’ urging of women’s equality first declared at the historic Beijing Women’s Conference in 1995.

Reflecting UN Women’s 2016 tagline of “Planet 50-50 by 2013, Step It Up for Gender Equality,” speakers will touch on three areas in which UN findings say more work is needed to get women to 50-50 equality: education, business/career and decision-making. Continue reading »

’40 Under 40′ List of Chicago Latinos Names NLU’s Ramos Negocios Now Bilingual Newspaper Creates Its First Such List

140407-MONICA-RAMOS-008Negocios Now, a business-oriented Hispanic newspaper in Chicago, has named NLU’s Monica Ramos to its inaugural list of “Latinos 40 Under 40 in Chicago.”

Ramos is in good company, since the list also includes Jose Abreu, first baseman for the Chicago White Sox; Carina Sanchez, Chicago’s deputy clerk; Silvana Tabares, Illinois state representative from the 21st district; Dan Ponce, a WGN-TV news anchor; Julio C. Rodriguez, president of Dulcelandia Candy Stores, Susana Meza, vice president of Wintrust Bank, and other notables. Continue reading »

Business School in Poland Graduates 400, Enjoys High Tech Business Incubator NLU is exploring more collaborations with WSB-NLU in southern Poland


WSB-NLU3graduation2015By Judah Viola, Dean of NLU’s College of Professional Studies and Advancement

I recently traveled to Poland to represent NLU leadership at the commencement ceremonies of WSB-NLU (Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – National Louis University). The name  translates as “Higher School of Business.”

WSB-NLU graduated approximately 400 students this year in bachelor’s degree programs in business, computer science, political science and psychology. It also graduated students in master’s degree programs in business and computer science. Continue reading »

NLU Prof Won Fulbright, Chairing Prestigious Caldecott Awards Dr. Junko Yokota credited with most diverse Caldecott book honors ever

junko yokota at wroclaw university

NLU’s Dr. Junko Yokota poses in front of the University of Wroclaw, Poland, where she is teaching on a Fulbright award.

NLU’s Junko Yokota, Ph.D., is having an amazing couple of years. Newspapers all over the world — in Korea, Turkey and Poland—are writing about her.

In 2013, she was chosen to chair the jury to determine the winners of the 2015 Caldecott  children’s book award. If you’ve ever browsed children’s books, you’ll recognize the Caldecott as one of the top honors in this category of literature.

Continue reading »